University of Great Falls Marketing Photographer

I am proud and honored to be the new marketing and advertising photographer for the University of Great Falls. We just wrapped up a marketing photography shoot on campus and covered a lot of ground in a short time. I am having a great time working with the staff and students capturing some wonderful moments that are now part of their growing photography library. These are a couple of my favorite shots from this year.

We started working together late last summer with the incoming freshman as part of the school’s Corps of Discovery Program. We are continuing throughout the school year and will start up again next fall with the next incoming class. I work with countless businesses, corporations and organizations and I have to say the staff and students here, are among my favorites. UGF is a small school, making it very easy to build relationships with everyone on campus – which makes my job easy. Everyone is now used to seeing me with my camera and are hiding less and less. Or maybe I’m just getting faster at getting the shot before they notice? Either way, it is working out wonderfully.

I am proud and honored to be the marketing and advertising photographer for UGF.

UGF is a Catholic college in Great Falls, Montana that serves all denominations. With a smaller enrollment, all of the students have the opportunity build relationships with the entire staff and friendships with many or all of the students as well. This builds a real feeling of family that you can see and feel when you are on campus. I highly recommend taking a look at UGF to anyone looking for a college with great opportunities in education and a growing sports program. Go to their website at http://UGF for more information and to see more of my photography.

UGF students walking to class. Copyright, Darrin Schreder

Student study session at University of Great Falls. Copyright Darrin Schreder

New University of Great Falls students rafting the Missouri River. Copyright, Darrin Schreder