Landscape Photography ~ Mount Grinell and Grinell Point, Glacier NP.Landscape Photography
Outdoor Lifestyle Photography ~ Lone hiker on the boardwalk at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Nat'l Park.Outdoor Lifestyle Photography
Corporate Photographer ~ 2015 Northwest Farm Credit Annual Report Cover photo.


Environmental Stewardship Video

Northwest Farm Credit Services does a very good job of providing their customers with the tools they need to be successful. One of my favorites is an in-house magazine they produce called YIELDS. Starting last year, the bank started publishing an online, digital version of the printed magazine. This new venue affords them the use of videos to help tell the story or spread the information to their readers. This video is from the Summer, 2017 edition that focuses on ways that farmers taking care of the environment through stewardship of their individual farms. What’s fun about his particular video is that I produced it, almost completely, with aerial drone video clips. It’s short so take a look and enjoy.


Corporate Photographer

I have built a commercial, corporate and advertising photography career spanning over 30 years.  That experience has made me a well rounded photographer – equally comfortable shooting product photography in a studio or setting up strobes and reflectors in a remote location in Alaska. Combining technical expertise and artistry I am committed to getting the photos and video you need on time and on budget.

Let’s discuss your next project and come up with an image(s) that keeps your brand ahead of your competition.

This is the cover of the 2012 Northwest Farm Credit Services Annual Report. I am proud to be their contracted photographer for the last seven years. I shoot their annual report photographs as well as the images for the cover story of YEILDS Magazine – their seasonal in-house magazine that goes to all of their customers.

Northwest Farm Credit Annual Report Cover photo by Corporate photographer Darrin Schreder

Advertising and Design Services

I create compelling advertising that moves people the first time they see it. Ensuring that my client’s objectives are met and exceeded is my first priority. To that end, I have formed a core group of professionals in all areas of marketing and advertising that I can bring in as needed to ensure that not only is the creative is top shelf but the timing, execution and follow-up is just as good. We have all worked in larger agencies and have had outstanding mentors so it is easy to offer big agency sophistication and great creative at small-town prices.

Did I mention we know an outstanding photographer who can help us bring it all to life?

Advertising Photographer

It is imperative that your brand message is received loud and clear among the avalanche of stimulus we encounter every day. I have enjoyed 30 plus years working as a professional photographer – specifically in the marketing, advertising and tourism industries. I can take your concept and create a finished photograph that will make your brand stand out above the rest.

I’d love to hear about your project and discuss how we can make it happen on time and in budget.

Eric’s Wicked Seasoning Bottle.
This client needed product photography of his seasoning bottles for use in print advertising, point of sale signs as well as for a new website.

Eric's Wicked Seasoning Bottle with smoke by advertising photographer Darrin Schreder

Aerial Photography and Video

Taking high quality photographs and video from a moving plane, helicopter or unmanned drone involves specialist skills and experience. It also requires a licensed pilot, photographer and an aircraft. Video and Photography from a UAV, or drone, has made capturing those shots cost effective and more available to even those on the tightest of budgets. It is important to note that The FAA is now requiring all drone flights used for commercial photography or video to be performed by a licensed UAV pilot. As frustrating as this may be to some, it is important for everyone to know that not only will your imagery be captured with technical perfection but it will be done in a safe and ethical manner.

  • I am FAA Part 107 UAV licensed and fully insured.
  • We and have a fixed wing pilot ready to help with any projects that are more appropriate on that platform.
  • Perfect for:
    • Real estate listings
    • Commercial advertising
    • Artistic projects

Let’s take your next creative project to new heights!


Samples of my photography & videography


“My experiences with Darrin Schreder Photography & Design (DSP) have always resulted in highly professional, uniquely creative, and rewarding solutions. DSP combines a fresh perspective with a well researched client sensitivity to each project. I look forward to many more collaborative opportunities in the future.”

Sean ThomasOwner/Creative Director - Synergy Design Studios

Darrin Schreder was very professional, prompt and dependable. He helped me make critical decisions regarding how to best promote and advertise my new business and created everything I needed including business cards, a video of how my equipment works as well as my website and informational brochures. I highly recommend him and will be in touch with him for any other projects I have.”

Chris GlickMontana Equipter Rental, LLCMontana Equipter Rental

The most glowing recommendation of Darrin’s work is, frankly, Darrin’s work. But I’ll give you a few words about why I think that work is so good. He has a technical proficiency that you likely won’t notice because his images are organic and lively. Darrin’s really a pro at matching style to subject matter; he can move easily from technical studio setups to shooting from the hip on improvised locations. Darrin has a strong eye and a good sense for visual storytelling, and his background working in ad agencies and design firms gives him the ability to see the bigger picture even as he’s framing the little picture in the viewfinder. Darrin’s easygoing, professional, and great to work with.

Eric HeidleCreative Director, Banik Communications

Authenticity is what we are looking for in marketing/pr nowadays. Darrin has a good feeling how to realize this in a beautiful combination of local character and inspiring photography.

Roger van DoomburgSeneca Media, Almere Stad Area, Netherlands

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