A ravine at Bethel Heights Vineyard that is being restored with all native species of plants and trees.


Environmental Stewardship Video

Northwest Farm Credit Services does an excellent job of helping their customers to be as successful as possible. To my knowledge, they are the only bank that provides the level of educational products, services and seminars as they do. And the education is not just about finances. They provide education and share knowledge about the industry and how to be better producers. One of many examples is a seminar they provide that is geared specifically toward new and young producers. The seminar talks about everything from financial products available to new trends in agriculture. This gives each of the new producers a chance to talk to experienced farmers and ranchers as well as other new producers to share experiences and ideas.

The videography was almost entirely shot with a drone to showcase the environments that are being saved or enhanced.

Another tool Farm Credit Services uses to share information is an in-house published magazine called YIELDS. The magazine is produced three times a year and is distributed to every member/customer of the bank. Starting last year, the bank not only prints a hard copy of the magazine but it now published an online eMagazine version. With this new digital magazine, they are able to incorporate video to further enhance the process of sharing information. This current issue – Summer, 2017 – the topic is Environmental Stewardship. The cover story showcases three very different segments of the agricultural industry and how these three farmers are working at being the best possible steward of their land. The farms include Bethel Heights Vineyard in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, A large wheat operation in Eastern Washington as well as a nursery owner who specializes in growing and harvesting native plant species for the purpose of ensuring that natural areas continue to include native plants, animals and insects.

Not only did I provide the photography for this issue, I also shot and produced the video below. The videography was almost entirely shot with a drone to showcase the environments that are being saved or enhanced through the efforts of these three farmers. The voiceover is from an interview the Mimi Casteel from Bethel Heights Vineyard near Salem, Oregon who does an excellent job of explaining the importance of protecting the natural areas. The video is short, so take a look and enjoy.

Mark & Jolly Krautzmann walking among a surviving Oak Savannah on their farm in Oregon.

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