Inspire on the Bighorn River

Television Production Along The Bighorn River

I recently returned from a three day shoot with Banik Communications above and near the Bighorn River in Southeast Montana. We were shooting aerial footage as well as studio footage on a green screen for a television commercial about the signs of stroke for the Crow Nation. With intermittent rain, wind and glimpses of sunshine as our constant companions, we managed to put together some pretty nice footage of the river and channels.  I was amazed at how green everything is there compared to here in Great Falls and how much greener it got with each new day. Had the sun cooperated with us we would have captured some amazing shots. As it is, the cloud cover created flatter light and saturated the colors but I’m not complaining. The scenery was epic.

You could actually see it get greener by the day.

The aerial footage will be combined with the green screen shots in a pretty unique way to help visualize the flow of blood to and from the brain. I was sold the minute I heard about the project. The concept is intriguing and very creative. I’m thinking both the print ads and television spot will be very effective. I will post a copy of the finished spot once it’s on the air. In the mean time, check out the short video I put together of a few of the clips.

A side channel of the Bighorn River south of Hardin, MT

Channel of the Bighorn River